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International Functional Association – IFUNA

The aim of IFUNA is to become a network for everybody interested in Functional Treatment. Functional therapy makes it possible to deal with problems in a simpler and more rational way. Adequate prevention and early treatment offer to society consequent reduction in healthcare expenditures. We want to organize a public data bank with results of the different treatment approaches, which will involve treating the whole body. We need to preserve existing techniques so that they do not disappear, as well as to find a common ground and to help develop new knowledge for the future. We must more deeply study the growth mechanism of the maxillofacial complex and the muscle activity that has such a great influence on growth itself. IFUNA will promote an interchange of ideas, opinions, experiences, with solid information: News Books Courses Product news Scientific research results

YEARLY MEETINGS ARE PLANNED WORLD WIDE We invite the General Practitioners and Specialists,
the Technicians and Students, the Scientists and Editors –WELCOME.

  We are a non-profit organization.